In today’s furniture market, there are a number of different wardrobe designs available for use in the home. These are items created to add extra storage space for clothing and other fashion accessory items. The various closets or cabinets are available as both built-in or stand alone pieces. When looking for a way to make your closet more efficient and organized you will see several companies that specialize in custom creating spaces for people to use. These builtin wardrobe designs will include areas with rods for hanging apparel items such as dress shirts, slacks and dresses. A professionally designed closet will make the best use of space by positioning the rods so the shirts and slacks can be hung in the same area. There will also be dresser units designed to hold sweaters, undergarments and socks. These wardrobe designs have the advantage of being hidden from view by closing the closet’s outer door. (more…)

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